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Bergey's Manual Trust Sponsored Session at FEMS 2019
Bergey’s Manual Trust will co-sponsor a symposium at FEMS-2019 (9 July 2019 11:30-12:30) entitled Linking Microbial Systematics and Ecology. Speakers will include Brian Hedlund, Svetlana Dedysh, Holger Daims, Andreas Brune and Susumu Sakata.

Incorporation of Phylogenomics into BMSAB
Bergey’s Manual Trust recently hosted a meeting to bring together experts on phylogenomics to discuss the incorporation of phylogenomics into the content and taxonomic outline of BMSAB. The meeting was attended by Phil Hugenholtz and Donovan Parks from the Australian National Genomics Centre, Frank-Oliver Glöckner and Pelin Yilmaz from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, and Markus Göcker from the DSMZ.